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Rimgard wheel lock for BMW /4-pack

Product image 1Rimgard wheel lock for BMW /4-pack
Product image 2Rimgard® Wheel Lock for BMW Anthracite
Product image 3Rimgard wheel lock for BMW /4-pack
Product image 4Rimgard® Wheel Lock for BMW black
Product image 5Rimgard wheel lock for BMW /4-pack
Product image 6Rimgard® Wheel Lock for BMW Silver
Product image 7Rimgard wheel lock for BMW /4-pack

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A wheel lock that effectively prevents theft of car wheels, designed specifically to fit OEM rims

  • Patented, Swedish invention that eliminates access to the bolts
  • Drill- and pick-secured locking cylinders from Assa Abloy
  • Made from highly resistant 6082 aluminum alloy
  • Quality tested by TÜV, anti-theft certified by RISE, and performance tested by Thatcham Research

But does it fit my BMW?

Rimgard for BMW is compatible with OEM rims (i.e. rims manufactured by the car manufacturer themselves, most aftermarket rims have slightly different dimensions). Currently not compatible with the design of the rim with part no. 666 M.

A or B? What size should I buy?

Find your car model and year below to find out what Rimgard size you need, A or B.

How to mount Rimgard®

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What's in the box?

4 Rimgard-modules
1 mounting tool
1 allen key
4 locking cylinders
2 keys
1 key card (for ordering new keys)
Butyl putty for center cap removal
Mounting instructions

Center caps are not included with the product. Rimgard is used with your own, original center caps. Rimgard is a 3rd party accessory. Any use of car manufacturers’ logotypes is for illustrative purposes only, to show the final result when Rimgard is mounted.


Salt snow dirt
No problem, the lock is quality tested by TüV Austria. The locking cylinder is bottomless enabling rinsing or high pressure air cleaning of dust or foreign particles.

Brute force
Rimgard is made from high resistant 6082 aluminum alloy that is hard to drill, saw or break as it becomes tough when worked. The amount fore needed will make so much noice and most likely destroy the rim too, making the theft pointless.

Picking the lock
The time a thief has to pick four Rimgard locks, even for a pro with special skill and tools, is simply not enough. In bad lighting, on your knees and under stress - there are a lot easier targets around.

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