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How to tell the difference between an original Honda Accord 19

Six ways to tell the Factory OEM 19" Honda Accord sports wheel from a replica wheel

Rimgard wheel locks are compatible with Honda OEM wheels. 

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer".  OEM parts are the original parts produced directly by the car make, in this case Honda. 

Why is this important to Rimgard customers?

From a first look, the rims lock the same and have the same dimensions, but the difference is in the centre hole of the a replica wheel, where the profile is different. This prevents the locking ring from closing to a flat position, effectively putting an end to a successful installation. 

How do you know if you have replica or OEM wheels?

First of all, they probably are OEM. If your wheels are the original from when the car was new from the factory you of course need not to ask yourself. If they have been replaced from after a theft or your car is pre-owned, then it could of course be that they are not OEM. 

This can be tricky - but we've done a checklist with the most apparent differences we have found to help you. To make it a little more complicated, all differences do not apply to all replica wheels. But one thing is for sure, a Honda OEM wheel will always look like a Honda OEM wheel, a replica will have one or several differences.

1. Inside says Honda

Honda sports wheel backside says Honda

With the wheel off, on the inside of the rim - a genuine wheel says Honda Motor. A replica does not. 

2. Different tool marks, poor paint job and a missing ridge on the inside

Back side differences between replica and OEM Honda Accord 19" sport wheel

Still with the wheel off, we note three clear differences between the OEM wheel and the Replica.

a. The tool marks are clearly different on the replica compared with the OEM. The Honda wheel has "soft and closed" marks, the Replica "sharp and open" marks. 

b. The OEM wheel has a lot thicker paint also on the back side of the wheel. The replica a lot thinner as well as larger surfaces unpainted. Even though both rims lack paint on some areas, it appears that the OEM has been painted with several layers but the Replica only one. 

c. The Honda wheel has a clear "ridge" on the inside, the replica has a small difference, but not at all as distinguishable as the Honda wheel. 

3. The Honda wheel is smooth on the inside - the Replica is not

Inner surface difference between replica and OEM Honda Accord 19" sport wheel

The Honda 19" sports wheel has smooth surface with thick paint on the inside. The replica wheel has a thin layer of paint and clear and visible signs from the machining process. 

4. Paint in the lug holes

Lug hole paint difference between replica and OEM Honda Accord 19" sport wheel

Some replica wheels have paint also in the lug holes - and some don't (as an example of the above where not all replicase look the same). The Honda 19" sports wheel however, does not have paint in the lug holes. 

5. Paint in the center hole

Centre paint difference between replica and OEM Honda Accord 19" sport wheel

In the centre hole of the rim, where te centre cap goes (and the Rimgard), the replica has paint on the inside, the Honda 19" Sports wheel does not. 

6. The JWL logo is off

JWL is originally a Japanese official wheel testing standard and stands for “Japan Light alloy Wheel.” JWL has become a global wheel-testing standard and you find the JWL logo on many OEM and after market wheels. On the Honda Accord 19" sport wheel the JWL logo is centred in height on the side of the rim, approx. 9mm from the edge of the paint. On the replica wheel, the placement is clearly off centre. 

The above list is based on our own observations when comparing the visible and obvious differences between an original Honda Accord 19" sport wheel with a replica wheel, both acquired by us. Read it as input but always consult an authorised Honda dealer if you are in doubt. With reservations for factual errors. 

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