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Rimgard® offers the only wheel lock on the market that truly prevents wheel theft, by eliminating the access to the bolts. A lock nut delays the removal of a wheel by a minute at best. That's why we believe protecting wheels without Rimgard is really... nuts.

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Mounted onto a wheel in less than a minute and impossible to remove without a key. Four minutes for one car to Keep your Wheels™ is time well spent, if you ask us. 

All about the lock

How to mount and how to fail

See how easy our wheel lock is mounted and equally impossible it is to remove - even for a skilled thief.

The car manufacturers' logos are used for visualisation purposes only, to show the final look of the product using customers' original center caps.

Worth Reading

How many car wheel thefts occur each year in the US?

How many car wheel thefts occur in the US each year? Put it like this; there are at least 350,000 + reasons to get Ri...

Pro Thief vs. Rimgard, 0 - 1 👊🏼

Rimgard challenged a professional ex-thief to steal a wheel that had Rimgard's wheel lock mounted onto the rim.
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Four locks and keep on rollin'

Each kit contains four locks and two keys. 

You only need to unlock and lock when replacing your wheels

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