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"I love rimgard! Easy to install and it's very secure. I can sleep at night with ease now."

No removal tools

You simply cannot walk into the nearest hardware store and get yourself a removal kit.

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Locking lug nuts will not help!

District Towing, DC puts the finger on it - every time! Beebo has been towing cars in DC, Maryland and Virginia for 20+ years. His TikTok videos really illustrate the issue of wheel theft well. Here are a couple of selects.

Insurance does not stop thieves!

An insurance is good, but it is damage control. It does not prevent it from happening in the first place. That is why you lock your home and it is why you should lock your wheels too. To protect what is yours. 

Rimgard Installation on Honda Civic Si with HFP wheels

Great Rimgard® review and instruction video by Rick's Garage. He custom paints and installs a set of black Honda Rimg...

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