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Superior wheel security for your Honda! This will bring you peace of mind when parking, designed specifically to fit Honda OEM wheels.
Since most Honda wheels fit any Honda, it is more about which wheel you have rather than which model of Honda. Find your wheel below, and we'll get the right lock for you! 

Rimgard locks are dependant of which wheel you have. I.e. two different wheel designs for the same model of car might require different Rimgard locks.

The table below lists the most common wheels per model, press "order for this wheel" and you be directed to the compatible Rimgard lock for that particular wheel. 

If you have OEM wheels and can find your model and year in the drop down product selector, Rimgard will fit.

Don't hesitate to send us a picture of your wheels along with model and year and we will get back to you as soon as possible - or try the chat.

Rimgard does NOT fit after market wheels.

Rimgard does NOT fit replica wheels. Read this article for more info on replica wheels.

Rimgard is delivered with everything you need to install the locks. From putty for center cap removal, tools and keys. 
A set of Rimgard includes: 
  • Four Rimgard modules
  • Four locking cylinders
  • Two keys and key card - the only ones made for your locks, no master keys are available - do not loose! Extra keys can only be ordered if you have the key card or if you have registered your key with us. 
  • One hex key
  • One hex key adaptor
  • One box of butyl putty for easier center cap removal
  • Installation instructions 


Rimgard does not include center caps


Installing Rimgard on Honda  Download pdf

Installing Rimgard is easy and does not require any special skills or a professional mechanic. Follow the steps in the instruction and all four wheels will have Rimgard installed in less than 15 minutes.   

  • Shipping to the US from $19
  • Free returns within 30 days*
  • Shipping to the US usually takes 2-3 days with priority handling
  • We ship weekdays, excluding public holidays

- The five armed Rimgard module is installed with a patented solution in the center hole of your wheel, effectively preventing access to all lugs.

- The module is then sealed with 60,000 combinations, high security locking cylinder from ASSA ABLOY. With your unique key, no master keys are available.

- Snap your original center cap back onto the module and you are good to go and have with peace of mind when parked.

Read more about the lock here

For patents please see here

The Honda logotype is used for visualization purposes only.The Honda logo is a registered trademark owned by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. No endorsement implied

The Honda Accord wheel theft epidemic!

Chad @ The Lemon Factor shines a light on the wheel theft epidemic targeting Honda Accord

Insurance does not stop thieves!

An insurance is good, but it is damage control. It does not prevent it from happening in the first place. That is why you lock your home and it is why you should lock your wheels too. To protect what is yours. 
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