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Ascension is a bank holiday in Sweden. Orders will be shipped Monday May 30.

As simple as that

Rimgard is installed in the center of the wheel and protects all lugs from manipulation.

This is a real lock

Sealed and secured by a high security locking cylinder from world leading ASSA ABLOY, and your keys are the only ones.

High grade materials

We use high grade aluminum, tough and resistant to force, and solid steel in our production.

The locks are powder coated with pristine finish, using the same high quality paint as car wheels.

Custom engineering

All car makes and models are different, wheel designs too. We design our locks to fit as many as possible. And when they don't, we come up with a new solution.

Let's call it like it is

A real lock does not show what the key should look like.

A real key is not too large and heavy to fit in your pocket.

Passed with flying colors

Rimgard is the only lock that is certified according to the Swedish Anti Theft Association's norm for wheel locks. And as such, with the highest security classification (3).

Performance tests have also been conducted by Thatcham research and the ASSA ABLOY testing facility. All with very satisfying results.

We want to protect all wheels

We try as hard as we can and work as fast as we can to find new solutions for the wheels we cannot yet help protecting.

Contact us or sign up below, and you will be the first to know when Rimgard can bring peace of mind to yet another make or model.

The Rimgard wheel lock

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