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What tests are performed?

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Yes, Rimgard is tested by RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) and TÜV Austria. It is also tested by Assa Testing Laboratory, and it's performance tested by Thatcham Research.

Rimgard is the only approved lock by the Swedish Anti-theft association.

Can the lock be picked?

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Yes, we know, YouTube is full of videos of skilled people picking locks in less than no time. They are impressive to say the least.

Now, remember that these are professional lock pickers, they compete in this field and they practice as if it was for the super bowl.

We believe they too would have a challenge if we replaced their lighting, work bench, office chair and quiet work place for a curb or garage. It is the wheel thieves we are out to stop.

Our lock cylinder is made by world leading manufacturer Assa Abloy. The lock we use is a high security lock designed for environments with high demands for both security and functionality. It is extremely resistant to manipulation and picking. 

Can you drill the lock?

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Remember, thives want to be swift and discrete.

With the right amont of time and tools - anything can be drilled.

Drilling will take time and makes noice - it is not a swift and discrete way to steal anything in the middle of a street.

What if the thieves use a crowbar?

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Again - thives want to be swift and discrete.

When Rimgard is installed on the wheels it is designed for, prying the module off is going to be very hard, take alot of time and damage the wheel badly.

All wheels are different and Rimgard will only perform at its best when installed on the wheels designed for.

If a gap is large enough and the bar long enough, anything can be pryed.

What if they use an angle grinder?

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Sorry for repeating ourselves, thieves want to be swift and discrete...

When installed on a wheel it is designed for, it is going to be very difficult and demand alot of precision to cut 20 arms off in order to reach all lugs.

All deterrent boxes are ticked - time, noice and damage.

Rimgard compared to a locking lug nut?

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As biased as we might be... the short answer is NO. If they did, we would not be.

Locking lug nuts have 20+ different combinations. Removal tools and key sets keys are readily available - often in the same place that sell the locking lugs in the first place. We argue they no longer work.

What about master keys?

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Our keys have 66 000 combinations and NO master keys are made.

Locks with masterkeys can only get certified for three months, after this, it is considered that the master keys will be too widely spread for the lock to be considered safe.


How do I know if Rimgard fits my car?

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Rimgard fits the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheels for the available car makes on our website. We try to specify as clear as possible the wheel designs where where this is not the case. If you have any doubts, send us a picture of your wheel and state your make and model to and we'll help you as soon as we can. Or try the chat.

Can I install myself or do I need a mechanic?

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You can absolutely install Rimgard without help from a professional mechanic. It is an easy process. Simply follow the step by step installation manual and you will be done i under 15 minutes.

No need for professional tools or help.

How long does it take to install?

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A minute or two per wheel, 15 minutes and you will be done with all four wheels.

Can I drive with Rimgard installed?

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Yes. Rimgard is to be installed and locked into place, after which the car is to be used as normal.

You only have to lock your Rimgards once, when you install them, and then you unlock them whenever you want to remove the wheels from your car.

and some more

How do I store my key?

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We recommend that you store one key on your regular keychain, and the other one in a safe place of your choosing.

Never store your keys in your car!

The keycard is unique for your set of keys, store it in a safe place. We also strongly recommend that you register your keycard on our website here, for extra security.

Does Rimgard withstand corrosion?

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Rimgard is tested for corrosion and we ourselves have driven more than 1 000 000 kilometers with the locks  installed in Scandinavian climate, without complications.

The cylinders are bottom less and can be cleared with high pressure air. We recommend to application of non metallic grease and lock lubricant oil twice a year.

Is the performance of the car affected?

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The wheel locks have a marginal impact on the weight of the car, and there are therefore no noticeable performance changes.

Is wheel theft common?

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Yes, as it is becoming harder and harder to steal entire cars due to improvements in security systems, thieves are targeting car parts to a greater extent. It's also easier to get rid of car parts without getting caught, rather than an entire car.

Locking bolts and lug nuts haven't improved significantly since their introduction to the market in the 60s. Thieves, on the other hand, have become more skilled. That's why locking bolts are no longer a match for them. Hence why Rimgard was invented, so that car owners can actually feel peace of mind knowing their wheels will stay safe. Read more about wheel theft here.

Does my insurance not cover me?

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First of all, make sure it does.

But there are a few things that the insurance does not solve for you.

It does not protect you from the actual theft.

It does not protect your car from any related damages.

It does not protect your well kept car from becoming a restored car.

It does not get you to the place you are going when you find your car on crates.

It does cover you - but only for the ACV (actual cash value) so even if you kept your 3 year old wheels in mint condition, you'll be short, sometimes considerably.

Is there a warranty?

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Yes, we provide a one year limited warranty for defects in material or workmanship.

Questions unanswered?

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Try the chat, we operate it during regular business hours Central European Time, or send us an e-mail to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Support & FAQ

We are here to help you with your wheel lock related questions. If you can't find your answer here, click the chat button below or send an email to to get in touch with us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Pack for a safe return

If we say it fits and it does not, we'll of course accept your locks in return and give you a full refund on your purchase. As long as it is within 30 days from you receiving the locks and most importantly, that they are in the same condition as when we sent to you. 

To ensure this, please make sure to pack your locks correctly in their original packaging. Follow these steps and your locks should arrive safely and you will be entitled to your full refund. 

 1. Attach the locking rings or threaded joints to the back of the lock.
2. In the bottom layer, place the locks with the inside up.
3. Place the protective layer over the locks.
4. Place the two remaining modules in the upper layer, outside facing up. 
5. Place locking cylinders, keys and tool in the separate box. 

6. Place next to the top layer in the box. 


Thank you!


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